Bem Estar • Visual Identity
Client: Globo TV
Year: 2015
Position: Senior Designer at Globo
Role: Art Direction + Motion Design
Team: 2 Designers
© Globo TV
After 4 years from it's premiere in 2011, Bem Estar, the main health related TV show from Globo TV needed to renew his visual identity in order to be better aligned with the Globo TV visual identity, which at the time was shifting from a 3D based visual language to a flat design aesthetics.
Creating the visual identity was quite challenging because Bem Estar was a daily news show with a high demand for complex infographics, animations, props and production design, so the new visual identity should be fresh but also easily scalable to fit the daily demands for creating new designs according to each episode topics.
The Globo TV design team responsible for the Bem Estar show created a design system using a 2.5D language with flat design elements layering one upon the other to create a sense of depth, creating opening sequences, screen templates, icons, patterns and animated labels, creating a cohesive visual identity which is still on air on 2020.
Opening sequence
Logo redesign
Patterns created for different topics of the show (medicine, food and nutrition, exercises, etc.)
Following the same visual language from the show opening sequence, all the special series inside the show also had their opening sequences redesigned
Animated logo for the show set design
Template and visual direction for illustrations
Template and art direction for health infographics
Template and art direction for health infographics
Animated label template for reporters
Animated label template for additional information
Animated label template for topic highlights