Globo TV • Bem Estar Augmented Reality System
Client: Globo TV
Year: 2015
Position: Senior Designer at Globo TV
Role: UX Design + 3D Infographics design
Team: 2 Designers + 4 SW Developers
Bem Estar was one of the main morning shows of Brazilian network, covering health and wellness topics daily. The high demand to explain complex technical topics in a simple way pushed the show to heavily use 3D models in it's artwork, but the interactivity of these renders was very limited, the presenters could only show it in a display on the set.
Over a whole year of R&D, Globo TV engineering and design teams developed an AR solution which was able to render in real-time 3D models in the live studio, reacting to the on-set cameras and allowing the presenters to interact and control the 3D models live.
Combining technologies from different providers, the solution uses a camera tracking system by Shotoku to provide the live tracking. The rendering system is powered by Unity with interactions controlled by a Microsoft Surface screen.
The whole system had a pipeline which allowed new artwork to be created and uploaded to it on a daily basis. The interface developed on Microsoft Surface to control the Unity render engine allowed the presenters to move, rotate and trigger actions on the 3D models.
Demo reel of artworks created using the platform developed with the project
The presenters could control the system by using physical objects which triggered the appearance of specific 3D models. On the screen, buttons would appear allowing them to perform pre-designed actions on the 3D models.