Globo TV • Bem Verão Visual Identity
Client: Globo TV
Year: 2017
Position: Senior Designer at Globo TV
Role: Art Direction + Graphic Design + Set Design
Team: 1 set designer + 2 production designers + 1 graphic designer
"Bem Verão" was a reality show which happened inside the Bem Estar morning show, which covered the journey of a few participants who wanted to lose weight in a 1 year period.
The visual identity follows the same principles of the visual identity from Bem Estar (refer to "Bem Estar • Visual Identity" project), but going further in warmer tones. Since this reality show happened in several different cities throughout Brazil, this visual identity also had to be applied in a modular set design, which should be assembled and disassembled in these different locations.
Identidade visual do reality "Bem Verão", do programa Bem Estar (© Globo)
Estudo de composição de grafismos para projeto cenográfico
Ilustrações desenvolvidas para vinheta da série