Samsung Business TV Mobile • UX Design
Client: Samsung
Year: 2018
Position: Design Supervisor at Samsung
Role: Visual Identity + UX Design for the TV app
Team: 1 UX Designer for TV + 2 UX Designers for Mobile + 4 SW Developers
© Samsung Electronics
After conducting a user research, the UX Design team from Samsung Research Brazil (SRBR) identified an opportunity for creating a digital signage solution for small business owners in Brazil.
These small businesses, such as restaurants, bars, hair salons, etc., usually had a smart tv in their physical environments, but didn't have any means of creating advertising for themselves. In other hand, professional digital signage solutions were way too expensive and complex for their size of  business.
Business TV Mobile is a convergence solution between smartphone and smart tv, which allows users to create their own advertising using the Android mobile app and then publish these DIY marketing campaigns on their Samsung smart tv's (Orsay OS and Tizen OS).
The smart tv app allowed the user to use the TV in 3 different modes: TV mode (full screen broadcast signal), business mode (full screen slideshow of advertising created on the mobile app) or business TV mode (broadcast signal with overlayed banners for advertising, created using the mobile app)
Representative screens of the final GUI Design for both mobile and smart tv applications
On the left examples screens of the Tizen OS (Smart TV) GUI design guidelines, on right examples of the UI design guidelines