Samsung J-Series • Smartphone Package Design 
Client: Samsung
Year: 2018
Position: Design Supervisor at Samsung
 Trend Research + Graphic Design
Team: 2 Designers (Samsung) + WGSN (external trend research consultant)

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Samsung Design Latin America team conducted a user research in Brazil to understand color and visual trends and preferences according to different cultural contexts (quantitative and qualitative methodologies). According to the research results, the team designed the 2018 packages for J-Series smartphones, which were applied to Brazil and Argentina.
Main achievements
• Aligning Brazilian regional design with the Samsung Global Guidelines
• Matching local user preferences
• Allowing retailers to use package as a PoS material
• Reducing material cost in more than 20% from previous design
Color grading designed to differentiate entry to high segment J-Series devices
The side pattern of the packages created a "J", allowing a playful usage of the packages as a visual advertising material in retail stores (common habit in Latin American smaller retail chains)