Separação Script • Typeface
Client: VM Cultural
Year: 2010
Position: Freelancer
Role: Typography Design
© VM Cultural
This project started out as an academic project while I was in Graduation in FAU USP. In the typography class, I chose to create a typeface which emulated the handwriting of the famous Brazilian poet and musician Vinícius de Moraes.
Based on some photos of letters and handwritten lyrics of his songs, I've recreated all the characters in upper and lower cases + special characters.
To showcase the project result, I created a typographic animation of one of his most famous poems, the "Soneto de Separação", with his own voiceover.
After achieving a great number of views on YouTube, VM Cultural, the company responsible for all Vinícius de Moraes intellectual property, reached me out and purchased the font and it's usage rights.
Animação desenvolvida para divulgação do projeto tipográfico